Sunday, March 6, 2011

Facts about Budapest

It is not light to sum up the  beauty and highlights of this capital city. One thing for sure, Budapest is truly a picture of history dating back a thousand years. You can find Celtic ruins, Roman ruins and symbols of ancient Christianity. There are many parks and green areas but the  natural beauty of the Danube/Duna River is un-paralleled in majesty. The river at the capital city is so wide and deep the it is like  picture postcard if you sit at any part of the embankment.Hungary tour

It is  good to know that you do not need a car to see all the famed sights, since these areas are from an era prior to the commercial enterprise  change and is organized   like a seed, centered around the first bridge of Budapest, the Chain Bridge/Lanc Hid. So it can be assumed that from here, about 15 minutes in any direction, you will find some cool sights and history. Whether it is the fine architecture of the renaissance or the significant  museum buildings or the underground caverns below the Buda Castle. Try the Budapest tour

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